Rainbow Reflector

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“Reflectorz”! 🌈🪞🌟💡The new object series by Galisfly.

Designed to create a fun and colorful picture of reality in your space.

  • Holographic affect - different colors from every angels
  • Reacts to light indoors and outdoors 
  • Looks different in every location and from every angle
  • Light weight plexiglass plastic

  • Rainbow Reflector sizes:
    Mini - 25cm x 25cm
    Small - 31cm x 31cm
    Medium - 38cm x 38cm
    Large - 44cm x 44cm

  • Made to order and sent to you within 7 working days.
  • Recommended: Experiment in different places with natural and non natural light then choose the best location
  • Plexiglass mirror is not a glass mirror - it shows some distortion of reality
  • Hang on wall using built in holes
  • Clean very gently with damp cotton cloth