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March Fly Gal Giveaway

March Fly Gal Giveaway


Win a $100 worth of goodies from Galisfly

How to enter the giveaway:

  • <----- Like Galisfly on Facebook and follow us on twitter!
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  • Leave a comment and let us know why you should be the winner

Winner announced March 31st on our Facebook page.  

Good Luck!


  • Kyra Reddy: April 02, 2014

    From the moment I saw Galisfly jewelry I was in love. Your products is something would wear on a daily basis and let everyone know how and where I got it!

  • Vianka: April 01, 2014

    These rings are really beautiful! Something I would definitely wear on a daily basis. I like how they look when I practice the piano.

  • Laura Lopez: March 30, 2014

    Oh.. I discovered this site days ago and I love all the things I saw. I’m a fanatic of rings. So I wanna win this giveaway!!
    I’m from Spain and this summer my rings are going to shine in the Spain’s beaches at nights! :)

  • Mirren: March 29, 2014

    Hi! :) I think that I should be the winner because I’m obsessed with this amazing jewels! one of my friends ordered from your site and I fell in love with the rings!! The problem is that I can’t afford it, and I would love to win anything from your site.
    My comment is a little bit short compared to the other comments below, but I don’t really care lol. I just really really want to win the 100$ jewelry giveaway. Xoxo

  • Sarah S.: March 28, 2014

    Got your stackable midi rings a couple years ago and I’m still getting compliments on those babies; even referred a few of my friends to your Etsy shop! I’m a first generation currently living in the states so the fact that you are from Israel resonates with me. I love supporting international, talented, young women! Would love to win your giveaway so I can continue to do so while looking like a straight up b0$$. Either way, you freaking rule. Much love from America! <3

  • Mary Harlinger: March 28, 2014

    I just bought my first rings from your shop this month and absolutely love them! Your items are a breath of fresh air! I’d love to win a gift certificate so I can continue to build a collection from you. :)

  • Mallika: March 28, 2014

    Hi there! I would love to win anything from your site! You have tremendous talent and style and your jewellery pieces are well made and timeless. Since purchasing my midi ring box I’ve gotten endless compliments and have had a number of friends and family asking me for your seller information. I was not only blown away by the jewellery itself, but by your fantastic customer service and attention to detail. I think the galisfly brand is beautiful and a staple to any trend setter wardrobe. I would love the chance to showcase it further and wear your designs for more people to admire and purchase. Thanks so much! Take care. xo

  • Mazeline: March 27, 2014

    Hello !
    I should be the winner because first I’m addicted to fashion and accessories. If I’m the winner I will extend your amazing brand. I have got friends who have a blog about fashion and much brands. Maybe I can extend your brand in France because I from France (Paris), and in France girls adore this type of jewelry so please I really want to be the winner, I’ve never won a giveaway. Good luck everybody and I hope i will have chance, bye ! (Sorry for my bad english, i’m French)

  • barbara duker: March 27, 2014

    I love jewellery soooooo much….. I am addicted to them. I can never leave my house to go anywhere without being completely jewellerified. I have always taken an interest in your accessories but never have enough money to buy it. winning this contest would mean so much to me and you’ll be adding more beautiful pieces to my fingers, writs, neck and ears.
    Keep doing what your doing!!

  • Monica, Flair Code: March 27, 2014

    Sending international love your way! Met Galisfly through another blogger—social media makes the world go ’round. I lost my midis and I need a replacement ;)

  • Angelica Guerrero: March 27, 2014

    As someone who is a full-time student, I rarely have the disposable income to buy beautiful jewelry. However, when I do manage to save up a little extra money, I choose to spend it wisely on your jewelry. Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful and unique; whenever I wear it, I always get compliments. When people ask me what I’m wearing, I immediately say, “Galisfly on Etsy”! No matter what I’m wearing, your rings and bracelets make me feel well-dressed and glamorous. I currently don’t have money to afford your stunning jewelry and I would love to add another piece to my collection. Your style is the epitome of what I wish to embody: chic, simple, sophisticated, feminine, and urban/bohemian cool. The fact that you’re a self-employed, business woman is inspirational. I hope to be as successful as you some day. xx

  • Alexane: March 25, 2014

    Hello! I participate at your giveaway, I am a young French girl passionate by fashion and rings addict. I discovered your website recently and I am subjugated, everything is really beautiful, it’s really beautiful what you do, I’m so in love. I think I should win because you deserve to be better known. I live in Paris and I think your creations would please at many people. Good luck anyway, your site is amazing!

  • Alina: March 25, 2014

    Your accessories would give a perfect subtle unique touch to my outfits. It’s exactly those kinds of details I miss in my wardrobe.
    Of course I’d be happy to blog about it!

  • Rachel W: March 24, 2014

    I would love to be the winner of this fabulous giveaway!
    I’ll be 25 at the beginning of June, and I feel like I’m just now beginning to figure out and develop my style. It’s taken longer than I would have preferred, but better late than never right?! I really like the look of your jewelry, especially the rings, and am wanting to start wearing more gold. Honestly, I used to say that I would never wear gold jewelry, but I now know that it brings a certain sophistication and pizazz to any outfit!

  • Nídia Macedo: March 23, 2014

    Well, basically I’m in LOVE with ALL of your items. I’m what you may call a fashion addict with no money (haha) and I love every single one of your jewelry. I found Galisfly recently and I can’t stop visiting your website and see your facebook news on my feed, wishing I had just one of your amazing rings or bracelets. I’m just one more girl entering this contest but I hope I’ll be THE girl who wins ;) keep up the excelent work.

  • melissa : March 23, 2014

    I have no jewelry and my parents really cant afford to buy me any right now, but I’m tired of being the unstylish one out of all of my friends. ):

  • Mor Stiklaro: March 22, 2014

    *מאוד אוהבת

  • Mor Stiklaro: March 22, 2014

    אני מאוד תכשיטים מהסוג הזה, ויש לי דברים דומים אבל הם לעולם לא ישתוו לשלך. אני כל כך כל כך אשמח לזכות, את לא יודעת כמה.

  • Tal: March 22, 2014

    Beacuse Im in love with your unique jewelry and I can’t really afford to but so many! I appreciate this giveaway and it will mean alot for me to win it, beacuse your jewlrys makes evey outfit so special and so much prettier.

  • Esmeralda Groenland: March 22, 2014

    Because a girl can never have too many jewellery.

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