Aqua Duo Reflector Mirrors

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The Aqua Duo Reflectors is a set of 2 wall mirror art pieces complementing each other.
This mirror set is a unique wall art piece, inspired by vintage patterns and the fluidity of water.
designed to create a one-of-a-kind, colorful picture of reality in your space.
this iridescent color changes according to the angles and light. Every piece looks different in every location. 
  • Acts like a mirror - showing the reflections of your surrounding
  • Holographic affect - different colors from different angles
  • Reacts to both natural light and artificial light
Available in size:
Small - 18cm x 36cm = 7" x 14.2" (each of the two)
Medium - 23cm x 45cm = 9" x 17.7" (each of the two)
Large - 30cm x 58.5cm = 11.8" x 23" (each of the two)
X-Large - 39cm x 76cm =15.3” x 30” (each of the two)
Full size - 51 x 100 cm = 20" x 39.3" (each of the two)
Full body - 61 x 120 cm = 24" x 47.2" (each of the two)

Hang on wall using holes in the back with nails or screws included in your package.
Clean gently with damp cotton cloth.
Made of acrylic sheets and acrylic mirror
Acrylic mirror may show some distortion from distance